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Performance Feedback

What Clients Are Saying

"Hit making machine!! Every song they do, gets caught in my head. These guys are stars in the making!"

Paula Montondo

"I've had the good fortune of working and performing with Illunis on a number of different occasions. As an observer of Illunis, it is obvious that this is a band focused on their craft writing great songs that connect with the audience, and also a group focused on supporting one another. In every great Band these elements are key and enable them to reach farther than their peers. This is a Band capable of delivering an intriguing performance of their own work, or swinging in another direction when interpreting someone else's work through their own Artistic lens. On top of it all, they are kind humble beings which add to their appeal. Book them. Love them."

Arthur Autumn

"Super professional guys, I love their sound and the vibe they bring. I’m thrilled to be able to have them play at our establishment."

Rocio Soriano Briseno


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Great Partnerships

I enjoy working closely with my clients, understanding and preparing for the tone and type of event they want to put on. Pulling off an event successfully always makes me proud and fills me with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Please see the list of some of the clients I’ve had the privilege to work with below.

Client 1


A Successful Collaboration

Sovix came to me after meeting with several other events musicians, having been disappointed and underwhelmed by what they had to offer. However, as the saying goes, when you know you know, and we both knew this was a match made in musical heaven.

Client 7


A Unique Performance

Working with Polar was such a pleasure, especially since they knew exactly what they wanted for their event. After just a single consultation, we managed to get on the same page and they were extremely open to the professional suggestions I gave them regarding the music selection and performance details.

Client 8


A Special Event

I truly couldn’t have had a better time working with anyone. Performing for Itaka at their special event was a real treat, and their audience was so welcoming and enthusiastic. This was one of my favorite events I’ve performed at.

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